Workers Comp Protection  Insurance 

Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage can help the employer and the employee. CIS Insurance Services can help you to obtain the right coverage for your Business and also for your workforce. 

What is Worker's Compensation Insurance?

Worker’s Compensation Insurance protects your business and your employees by providing benefits to the majority of employees who get injured while performing their job. This benefits can take care of medical care, related medical costs, retraining, lost of wages until the employees is ready to return to work, or will cover compensation for permanent disability injury, benefits can also go to a survivors if the employees is killed. Is important to know that each State have its own set of unique Worker’s Compensation laws that employers must follow. These laws and regulations help to ensure that employers will provide protection coverage for work related injuries or diseases, regardless of the employee negligence. 

Five Basic Benefits of Worker's Compensation Insurance.

Medical Care – Provides benefits to the injured employee. 

Temporary Disability – Coverage compensate employee for lost wages while the injured employee is recovering. 

Permanent Disability – Benefits will cover the employee if the injury is very severe and employee can not return to work. 

Supplemental Job Displacement – This coverage will pay for retraining if the injured employee can not return to the job previously hold by the employee. 

Death Benefits – Coverage will pay to a spouse, children or dependents if the employee dies as a result of work related injury or illness. 

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