General Liability Protection  Insurance

General Liability Insurance, often times referred as (GL) is the type of coverage that can protect from different type of claims against your Business day to day operations. Let Us review your policy to see if you have the correct coverage!  

Protect Your Business from GL Claims

General Liability Insurance, better known as (GL) is an insurance policy which is design to protect your business in the even that someone makes a claim against your business. Every day business owners touches the lives of many people, contractors, clients, or prospects. At any giving point anyone could claim that your business has caused them some damage of any kind, injury or loss. CIS Insurance Services Agency will help you to find the proper covaeg for your business and will guide you through the claim process. 

What General Liability Insurance Cover?

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability – These type of policies will generally covers business related incidents that could result in bodily injury to other party. This coverage could include a customer slipping and falling on your place of business. Also will include among other incidents, if one of your workers dropped a tool or toolbox on someone’s foot. General Liability is design to cover non-employees injuries. In addition will help you to protect any third-party property damage as a result of you day to day operations. 

Personal and Advertising injury – We could say that not all the injuries have to be physical. Any written or verbal communication or agreement can also cause harm. For example: A small business suffers a decrease on sales and business after a local competition starts a rumor about the low quality in their products they sale. The small business owner could file a sue the company who started the rumors for personal and advertising injury for damaging their reputation and profitability. 

Medical Payments – This coverage will cover any non-employee medical related expenses for which you business is responsible. Coverage will cover up to the limits you select with your insurance company. For example: A toolbox falls on a customer’s foot and the total medical expenses are for $8,000 but you policy covers only $5,000 for medical payments, in this situation the business owner will be responsible for paying the remaining $3,000 out-of-pocket.

Products – Complete Operations – GL policies normally include liability protection for both, products and complete operations exposures. Products will be any goods that your company manufactures, sells, or distribute in your business. If the product causes physical injury or illness, the business owner can find protection under this coverage. In addition, completed operations will protect you against faulty service or work performed by your business. 

Damage to Premises Rented to you – General Liability policies also includes for damage to non-owned land, buildings or structures. The insured or business must be legally at fault or liable for the damages of the rented premises in order for this coverage to apply. For Example: A catering business leased a building to operate their kitchen and the building catches fire due to the mistake of one of the employees leaving the stove on unattended. This coverage will cover the damage since the catering business caused the fire. 

Let us review and help you to find the right coverage for your business general liability and we always make sure there are no gaps on your insurance policy. Our team we have been helping business owners, contractors in the Bay Area with their General Liability Policies. Give Us a Call to Save Money and Find the right Coverage for you at 650-833-8579 or 408-746-5030.