Motorhome Coverage Insurance -Trailer -RV 

CIS Insurance Services in Redwood City, CA knows how to build and customized Motorhome/RV insurance that will be tailor for your specific insurance needs. 

Motorhome/RV Insurance

CIS Insurance in Redwood City, CA we know how to customized Motorhome/RV Insurance that is tailored to your specific needs. RV Insurance is a bit different from auto insurance, there are two type of categories: recreational and full-timers. You do not have to worry about this, let us do the work for you and get you the most competitive quotes on the market.  

Recreational RV Insurance

Recreational is the best RV coverage for you if your RV is not claim as your primary residence. This provides coverage for your RV inside and out while you are driving or parked at a campsite. You can get coverage for accidents, for you items (belongings) inside your RV and injuries that happened around your campsite or around where your RV is parked.  

Full timer's RV Insurance

Full timer’s RV Insurance would be the best coverage for you if live in your RV or if you claim your RV as your primary residence. You would be able to obtain same type of coverages as you would get with your recreational RV insurance. But you can add more coverages as you would have on your homeowners policy. These coverages can pay for charges you get form homeowners/RV associations, injuries on your property, and damage or theft for belongings stored on your property. 

Coverages for both recreational and full time RV

  • Emergency Expenses: If your travel plans are interrupted, insurance will reimburse you for transportation and hotel expenses up to the policy limits. Policy holder can always increase those limits to fit their need. 
  • Pet Injury Coverage: Many companies that we work with will include this coverage automatically up to the policy limits if your pet gets injured during a covered accident. Some companies does not have deductible for this coverage. 
  • Trailer Coverage for your Motorhome: Pays for physical damage to your utility trailer when it’s on or off the road. Some companies offer for additional cost up to $20,000 coverage. 
  • Full Coverage for belongings & Personal Items: You can get full replacement cost for belongings inside your RV. Replacement cost means that some companies will give you what it cost to buy new belongings and not depreciate value. 
  • RV Road Side Assistance: If your RV breaks down companies will pay to tow you RV to the nearest repair shop. Most of the time policy holders do not need to pay anything out of pocket. 
  • Vacation Liability: This pay for injuries that happen at your vacation site, in your RV or the area around  your RV. You can always add more coverage if needed. 
  • Medical Payments: Pays for your or your passenger’s injuries and medical bills in an accident, no matter who is at fault. Client can pick a range of coverage limits. Available only for motor-home insurance. 
  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability: Pays for damage to other vehicles and injuries to other drivers/passengers. This will also cover for legal expenses if you are sued over other drivers or passenger’s injuries. 
  • Comprehensive & Collision Coverage: Pays for damage to your RV caused from accidents or other events including flooding, theft, falling of a tree. You pick what you pay out of pocket (called deductible). 

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