Commercial Vehicle Protection Coverage

We work with some of the most trusted commercial insurance companies on the market to offer more options to our clients. Let one of our members help you the correct coverage!

We provide more than your basic Commercial Vehicle Insurance

At CIS Insurance Services Agency in Redwood City, CA. We help our clients to search for correct coverage for their Commercial Vehicle. We offer affordable coverage for most commercial trucks and tractor trailer. It does not matter if you are an owner operator, private carrier or in between. We also help you with your State or Federal filings. 

What Commercial Vehicles we Insure

Tractors – We help you to find the right coverage for you tractor and the correct class for the type of business you do. It does not matter if you are private carrier or owner operator. Our team who specialized on heavy truck insurance, will guide you and find the correct company and coverage. 

Pickup Trucks – We have helped a wide variety pickup trucks owners to find the correct insurance policy for their needs. From Gardeners, Mobile Mechanics, Cleaners,  to Debris Removal business, even if you do Hauling. 

Tow Trucks – These type of trucks are also known as flatbed trucks, car carriers or anything use to tow a vehicle. With these specific category we can also help you to add additional coverages such as Garage-keeper’s legal liability and on hook coverage for the vehicles you are hauling. 

Dump Trucks – We can also help you to find coverage for specialty trucking for sand and gravel hauling, dirt and much more classifications. Most Dump Trucks are design differently than other trucks, they can withstand off road and also constructions sites, but if loaded incorrectly could be dangerous and tip over. 

Box Trucks – Box Trucks also known as straight trucks are most commonly used for hauling furniture, appliances, produce hauling, catering companies, and rental party companies to mention some. These type of truck typically does not required the driver to have a Commercial Driver License because they are use more local routes and also the weight of the trucks are less.   

Let one of our team members help you with your Commercial Vehicle. Contact Us at 650-833-8579 or 408-746-5030.Do not wait!