Home Insurance Coverage Protection 

Home. It’s you safe haven. It’s where we raise our families and create memories that last a life time. Getting home insurance quote today is quick and easy. Let us help you today! 

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Homeowners Insurance is designed to protect you from unexpected incidents that can damage your home, belongings or hurt you financially. This type of policies normally covers such perils as fire, theft, wind, hail damage, lightning and more. Plus, it covers injuries that could occur on your property, it would also cover you against lawsuits, if someone decides to file a suit because they were hurt at your property. 

Standard Homeowners Insurance Coverages

Homeowners Insurance covers so much more than just your house. It would also cover other structures on your property such as, barn, shed, fence, detached garage, will cover your personal property such as furniture, clothes, computers, electronics, jewelry (to certain limit), lawsuits and even temporary living expenses during your home repairs. 

  • Dwelling Coverage: This type of coverage pays for the damage caused to your home and anything which is permanently attached to your home, including your garage, roof, chimneys, attached decks, counter tops, cabinets, flooring, vanities and much more. 
  • Other Structures: This will pay for structures not attached to your home, some of this would be unattached garage, gazebos, decks, patios, sheds, pergolas, fences, driveways, etc. 
  •  Personal Property: This coverage will pay you for all your stuff if it’s damage or stolen from your home. This could include electronics, furniture, clothes, tools/power equipment and more. Even will pay for items not store in your home (sheds, garages, even for items stolen from your home. 
  •  Loss of Use: You will never be left without a place where to stay. While your insurance company take care of the repairs of your home and you are not able to stay at your home, loss of use covers hotel, or rent of an apartment, food expenses, these are some of the expenses you will be taken care from loss of use.. 
  • Personal Liability: If someone got injured at your property and decided to sue you or family member you live with (for injuries, or property damage) personal liability will pay for your lawyer, court fees and certain damages you have to pay, subject to your policy. 
  • Medical Payments: This coverage will pay for medical bills if someone else gets hurt at your home or on your property
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