Condo Coverage Protection Insurance

Condo Insurance is design to protect your belongings and upgrades to your unit. Let one of our experts help you to find the correct coverage for your Condominium!

Condo Insurance Coverage fills your gaps

Most of Condominium Complex have associations master policies that cover the property, common areas and outside physical structure of the condo. But you can not trust on your associations master policy to cover for your loss. Condo Insurance will cover your belongings and all the upgrades made to your unit ( new kitchen, new bathroom vanities, etc.) will also cover injuries that occurred at your residence and will cover certain lawsuit against you. Condo Insurance is for you if you own a condominium, townhouse, row home or other unit that has association. Is very similar to home insurance, but often times more affordable because does not cover or excludes coverage that your associations master policy is liable for. 

Some standard coverage on your condo insurance

Personal Possessions – This condo insurance policy will cover for your clothes, furniture, appliances, power tools, electronics, all this to name a few are covered even if they are not in your condo. If you have expensive jewelry or fine art, you most likely need to obtain a different type of policy to properly cover your items. 

Upgrades – Insurance companies will cover most upgrades made to your condo, such as hardwood floors, kitchen counter tops, cabinets. Some of the associations master policies might cover the original furnishing but very few will cover you new cabinets or granite counter tops. 

Living Expenses – If your condo is damage for whatever covered reason and you are not able to stay there during the condo is repair, your insurance policy will help you to cover the expenses of hotel stay and even meals. 

Personal Liability – If someone sues you or a family member of the household for injuries or property damage, this coverage applies and insurance company will cover your lawyer, court fees and some of the damage you are responsible for, this sis always subject to your policy limits and wording. 

There are some optional coverage you can add and tailored to fit the needs you have. Contact us at 650-833-8579 and we can help!