Landlord Insurance Protector Coverage 

Landlord Insurance is a policy for someone who rents out a home, apartment building, townhouse or condo. Let us help you in minutes to find you the right policy!

Protect Your Properties with Landlord Insurance

It all depends what type of rental property do you own? You could have several multi-unit building, could be a fourplex in downtown, or just a single family home . Whatever your investment (portfolio) look like, CIS Insurance understands that real estate investments can come with a unique challenges. Landlords could select the right coverage and get the insurance to fit their needs. 

Standard Coverage for Landlord Policies

Dwelling Coverage – Just like homeowners insurance, rental property covers physical damage to your dwelling, meaning to the structure of the home, fourplex, or multi-unit complex itself. This will help to pay for the repairs of your rental damage by fire, lightning, wind, hail or other covered losses. 

Other Structures – This part of your policy will help you to pay for the repair of detached structures on your rental property, such as detached garage, fence, storage unit detached to the main structure, if they’r damage by a covered loss. 

Liability Coverage – This coverage will protect you from the legal and medical cost associated with someone being injured on your rental property. If a tenant or visitor is injured on your property and you are deemed responsible for the injury, rental property can cover these cost up to your policy limits. 

Fair Rental Income – The coverage provides protection against lost rent payment if the property you rent out is uninhabitable due to covered loss. You will receive compensation for the rental income you would received from your tenant.

Personal Property – Unlike (renters insurance), rental property insurance does not cover the personal property of your tenants living in the unit, home or apartment. However this coverage will often include coverage for item left in the unit, such as fridge, AC unit, washer and dryer to name some. 

There are optional coverage that we can customized for your rental property. Give us a call at 650-833-8579 or 408-746-5030 and we can have one of agents help you.