Business Insurance  Owner  Coverage Protection 

CIS Insurance is partnered with some of the most reputable Insurance Companies on the market to help you to find the correct coverage for your Business.

One Insurance Package for the Coverage you Need!

At CIS Insurance Services Agency we dedicate the time and effort to find you the correct insurance coverage tailored to your business needs. We will find you the essentials coverage for small to large sized companies like yours. It insures your business’s buildings, equipment and also provides business liability insurance. It even helps you to maintain your income if a fire or other incident interrupts your business for a cover loss. Our Business Owner’s Policy (BOP Insurance) can help to safeguard your company and your main source of income. 

Essential Coverages for your Business

Property Coverage – Helps to protect the business property you own, leased or rent, including assets like your building (if you are the owner of the building) your business equipment, furniture, fixtures, and also your inventory if is destroyed or damage in a fire or other cover incident. 

Business General Liability – This coverage shields your business from covered claims and lawsuits that your company is responsible for injury or property damage caused by trips, falls, product mishaps, faulty installations or other errors from your everyday business operations. 

Business Income and Extra Expenses – Provides coverage when your business shuts down temporarily due to a fire or other covered loss. It helps to replace your income and covered expenses like rent, payroll and other financial obligations while your property is repair or replaced. 

There are other coverage that could be added to your specific line of business. Let one of our Business Insurance Specialist to help you the right coverage for you business. Give Us a call at 650-833-8579 or 408-746-5030. Do not wait to protect your Business!